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We invite you to Romania in 2010

Dear fellow ISDS members,
You may think 2010 is still a year away. It is not. It is actually less than a year from now, and you know, time is like sand running through our fingers.
This is why it is not too soon to already invite you to come to Romania on the occasion of the 31st Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery to be held in Bucharest on September 23-26, 2010.
Romania is a little known and even less understood country in Eastern Europe, a Latin island in a Slavic sea. Our language sounds like French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. In many Hollywood movies Romanians have fake Russian names and attitudes, and vampires crawl all over Transylvania. Very few people know that we used to be a proud independent kingdom and Bucharest was nicknamed “Little Paris” back in the thirties.
The Russian occupation at the end of WW2 imposed communism on a western-type democracy and we gained our freedom after 50 years. We are a democracy again, but it is still hard to mend the deep scars of the past. The last decade saw an amazing progress in politics, in the efforts to turn around a broken economy, in the tremendous task of rebuilding a normal society and nurture new elites. A giant step forward was the membership of Romania in NATO, and the admission into the great family of the European Union.
Romania is a fascinating country with forested mountains where wild bears and wolves roam freely, with rich plains and picturesque villages where old traditions are still a way of life, with natural preserves and monuments protected by UNESCO. The unique Delta of the Danube is the haven of many rare birds and beasts, and the coast of the Black Sea is adorned with hotels, spas and casinos. It’s a picturesque land that is worth a visit.
Bucharest, the capital city, is the place where history is alive. First mention of the town is in a document from 1459, signed by the famed ruler Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula. History and legend became one in Bram Stoker’s novel about the infamous blood-thirsty count. Come and see for yourselves the castles up in the mountains and the island where archeologists found Dracula’s grave… empty. Every fire, flood, earthquake and foreign invasion hit Bucharest in its painful history. The totalitarian communist regime bulldozed the oldest part of the city, an area the size of Venice. The German king Carol I was a wise monarch who ruled from 1866 until 1914 and created modern Romania. Bucharest is filled with impressive French-style buildings, museums, theatres, operas, art exhibitions and philharmonic halls, in short a lively artistic life in daytime. Just wait until after dark and until the break of dawn you’ll hear the sounds of jazz clubs, dance floors and casinos which are very legal in this country.
Our Congress venue will be the Radisson-SAS Hotel, a 5-star newly renovated structure, located in the posh Downtown, in an area filled with museums, luxury shops, posh restaurants, music halls and boutiques. We will have social events in the historical Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel and we are planning city tours and trips in the country and a “Dracula Evening” filled with traditional Romanian food and folk dances. You can visit places like the castles Peles and Bran in the Carpathians, the outside-painted monasteries in Bukovina, the Delta of the Danube or the Black Sea Coast. You can tour the
2007 cultural capital of Europe, the medieval town of Sibiu (Hermannstadt) or the seven fortified churches of Transylvania.
But the Congress will also be serious work. Our slogan for 2010 will be “ World Dermatology Between Present and Future”. We promise you a high-level scientific program in a state-of the-art venue. For those of you who never saw an Eastern European country, this is your best opportunity. For those who already saw Romania, this experience will top everything you can ever imagine.

Dr. Mihaela Leventer
President of the 2010 ISDS Congress

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